Ballet Positions 101

Hi Ballet Beauties! Following up on our Ballet Terminology 101, we have a Ballet Positions Cheat Sheet for you! Since Ballet Beautiful’s newest exclusive online workout series, Ballet Basics, is inspired by the fundamental movements and positions of classical ballet, we thought these guides would help you visualize the movements and form.

We love sharing more of the ballet world with all of you, so we hope you enjoy this primer on the basic ballet positions! We hope it helps you maximize your workouts and tap into your inner ballerina! Let us know if you have any other questions about the fundamentals of ballet or any other ways we can share the world of ballet with you!

Xoxo – The BB team!

First Position: The toes are turned out and the heels touch each other. Feet make a small “V” shape.

Second Position: The heels are separated about hip width apart and the feet remain in turnout.

Third Position: One foot is in front of the other, with the back of the front heel touching the middle of the back foot. No space between the legs.

Fourth Position: One foot is in front of the other, with the front foot positioned about one step from the back foot, but angled toward the middle, as in third position. Body weight is equally between both feet.

Fifth Position: Both feet come together, with the toes of each foot meeting the heels of the other.

*Sixth Position: Both feet are together, touching at the heels and the toes. Note: Sixth position is an add on with both feet in parallel that I sometimes use in my standing blasts.