Beat the Summer Heat! HYDRATE!

Hi Ballet Beauties!

Summer weather has arrived! Hydration is always important, but even more so in the summer heat. Encourage your hydration intake with an ice cold glass of fruit infused water and homemade fruit ice pops. Ballet Beautiful NYC Master Trainer, Anais, walks you through her favorite fruity recipes!

"I always keep a chilled pitcher of infused water and fresh fruit on hand for those sweltering summer days. I wanted to share my favorite combinations with you to help you beat the summer heat!"

  1. Crisp Cucumber and Lemon (fresh and rejuvenating)
  2. Sweet Strawberry Kiwi (sweetness without the sugar)
  3. Refreshing Grapefruit
  4. Perfect Pineapple and Starfruit
  5. Blackberry Peach

Pro-tip! Adding fresh basil or sweet mint to combinations kicks the flavors up a little more!

When I want something more than water, I love to grab a fun, easy to make, fresh-fruit ice pop from the freezer! You can take any of the combinations from above, or create your own. Have fun with it!

1. Cut the fruit into bit sized pieces, and place into popsicle molds. Combining summer blueberries, strawberry, & kiwi is her all time favorite!

2. Pour liquid leaving a little room at the top. You can use flavored water, juice, or plain water, if you are looking to keep this super healthy.

3. Place the top of the popsicle mold on and freeze for 4-5 hours.

4. ENJOY frozen!

This fun, colorful treat after a great workout is an easy way to feel replenished and rejuvenated.

Most importantly, keeping hydrated before and during your workout or playing outside helps replenish what you are sweating out so keep your water close!

There are great fruit fusion water bottles available but I love making a big pitcher of my infused water for the fridge and filling up my Ballet Beautiful Water Bottle before class. Be creative, find the flavors that you like best, and have fun with it! I can’t wait to see the ways you boost your water in our next Ballet Beautiful class!