Bonus Workout

We are so excited and inspired by the amazing responses we’ve received from our Ballet Beauties sharing their success stories. In the spirit of sharing and success we are sharing a bonus workout for our Custom Workout subscribers! This workout was designed as a special gift for you; we hope it inspires you and brings you closer to achieving your Ballet Beautiful goals!

We have put together this Full Body workout to target the muscles in your legs and butt while also increasing the burn with some amazing standing cardio work.  The combination of our toning exercises to sculpt lean muscles along with ballet-based cardio help to speed up the metabolism and caloric burn all day long.

Bonus Workout
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1)   Classic Bridge– Bridge is a Ballet Beauty cult favorite and a great way to start a workout! This Classic Bridge workout targets the muscles in the butt, hamstrings, inner and outer thighs while activating the entire core to help support movement.

2)   Ab Blast Interval – Now that our abs and core are activated from our Classic Bridge; Ab Blast Interval is an excellent way to focus on toning the upper and lower abs, while incorporating work for the legs. This workout is also a great way to transition into cardio work by getting the heart rate up and the body moving in a bigger range of motion.

3)   Prima Series: Center Toning with Weights – We love how challenging this workout is, true fitness meets ballet!  Center Toning with Weights kicks up our toning exercises targeting the muscles in the legs, waist and butt with the added difficulty of balance and light weights. With or without light weights around the ankles, you’re sure to feel an intense burn in your standing and working legs.

4)   Curtsy Cardio– Now that we have focused on shaping long lean muscles it’s time to move!  Try not to obsess over your foot work and remember that the most important thing is to keep moving to keep your heart rate up. As you continue to practice this workout you will grow more comfortable with the choreography.  Remember to work through a full range of motion in the legs by fully bending and straightening your knees.  Keep the stomach engaged and reach as low to the ground as possible before standing up tall.

5)   Hip Stretch – When it comes to shaping a Ballet Beautiful body, stretching is just as important as toning. After focusing on tightening and toning we stretch to lengthen out our muscles. It might seem slow, but you’ll be amazed at how much stretching can help speed up your results.

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