Classic Barre Stretch Break

Hi Beauties!

Take a break and stretch it out with these 4 Classic Ballet Beautiful Barre Stretches that lengthen & release through the legs and hips. Add these stretches in throughout your day for tension relief and relaxation- your body will thank you later!

Sitting at your desk all day and summer road trips can tighten the muscles in your hips. Try these hip opening stretches for loosening up those stiff muscles!

Tight legs and feet can cause leg cramps and foot pain. Improve your range of motion and keep your body limber with these lengthening stretches to release those tense muscles!

For a longer stretch session, check out these full length Barre Stretches in Your Custom Workout Streaming Library.

Ballet Basics Barre

Classic Stretch

Lengthen Barre Stretch

Stretch and Tone: Barre Stretch


Have a beautiful workout!

-The Ballet Beautiful Team