An Emerald Green beauty 'How to'

Spring is fast approaching!  What better way to celebrate (and ward off those pesky St Patrick’s Day Leprechauns!) than by adding the vibrant emerald green Pantone color of the year to your beauty routine?   When it comes to your makeup, jewel tones are always a fun way to add color, sass, and yes, even elegance to any look.  They are a favorite onstage or for photos because they stand up to strong light.  But what about making this emerald green color work for a more pedestrian look?

If you’re a little timid, like I was at first, there’s no better excuse to try it then on St. Patty’s Day where anything green goes!

 1. Eye Liner.   A colored eyeliner is a fun way to experiment with bright colors without going over the top.

Begin with a neutral palette for your eye shadow to make the emerald liner really pop.  For a soft accent, apply close to the lash line.  If you’re feeling more daring, try a liquid liner and giving yourself a little cat eye!  Another very effective but subtle way to use green liner is to line just the lower water line with the color and use a black liner on the top lash line.  If you’re still unsure about using emerald a great alternative is to use teal or a darker olive which is flattering for everyone.

2. Eye Shadow.  A little more commitment to color is needed to use green eye shadow but it can be an adventurous and exciting accent, particularly for an evening look!

Depending on your skin tone, create a basic champaign/nude/gold base shadow and add an accent of emerald on the outer corner blending it into the crease.  For a smokey eye, bring the green shadow down under the lower lash line.

3. Nail Polish.  This is a place where you can really go wild!

There are so many beautiful green polishes to choose from and I find this to be the most accessible way to incorporate Emerald into your beauty look. Add some sparkle and spice it up by adding a gold glitter top coat for a very St. Patrick’s day pot-o-gold feel!

How are you using emerald in your beauty this year?  xoxo Samantha