Fitness & Wellness Tips from the BB Trainers!

We love our Ballet Beautiful trainers! Not only are they incredible BB trainers, they are also professional dancers who are always on the move and involved in amazing NYC productions. They are in great shape so we asked them to share some fitness and wellness advice with us.

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Here is a roundup of their top tips for living your healthiest life and getting the most out of your workouts. Hope you find them helpful and are able to apply them to your daily life.

Wishing you a beautiful workout!

Stretch, Stretch, STRETCH! Stretching is key. Almost everyone either forgets or doesn’t take time to stretch pre workout when your body needs to be warmed up and post workout when your body needs to repair the muscles from your workout. Stretching can help prevent injuries and it can be very calming after an intense session.” – Nicholas

Keep your core strong: it will help with everything that you do, in and out of class. Having a strong center will also help relieve you from back pain!” – Lucy

I truly believe in moderation and listening to my body. In regards to my diet, I practice an 80/20 principle (80% healthy, 20% free). I never try to be extreme with my workouts either because that can lead to burnout and injury. I believe in sustainability for long term results.” – Danielle

Never forget to breathe!  During the workouts, so many people forget to think about their breathing patterns and can make the exercises much harder on themselves.” –Brittney

Keep the body in motion and make exercise, no matter what kind, a part of your routine. Persistence is key. Walk as much as possible and avoid the elevator where there are stairs.” – Dioni

“Good health isn’t just about healthy eating and exercise, it is also about mental heath and a healthy lifestyle. Here are some tips from me: Drink plenty of water 8-10 glasses per day. Get enough sleep. Exercise every day, movement is life. Eat more fruits, taking supplements is not the same as food direct from nature. Love yourself and purge negativity.” – Alexandra

Try to do something active once a day, even if its a walk around the block.  Fitness has the incredible ability to positively alter your mindset.” – Brittany