Floral Beauty

Beauty Eliza Pierson is an eclectic artist with an eye for natural beauty. She has arranged flowers for Ralph Lauren and LVMH, and luckily for us, here at the Ballet Beautiful studio! Eliza shares her expertise below on how to add instant wonder to any room.

Fresh flowers always make a place more magical.

When I began designing flowers for the Ballet Beautiful studio I thought about what Mary Helen, the studio and the workout represent to me. Beauty, strength and artistry were the elements I wanted to personify. By the time March rolls around I am always longing for spring, so this week I brought in huge bunches of parrot tulips, five-foot quince branches, Calla Lilies, flax grass, gardenia and garden roses.

There is something indescribably wonderful about working out with fresh flowers in the room. The color and scent inspire us and add new wonder to a space that you might already know well. To me, everything feels more glamorous and fun with fresh blooms!

Here are a few simple tips on using fresh flowers to add more magic to your space!

1. Choose 1 type of flower per vase.

This is a fool-proof way to add instant elegance to any room! Whether you are working with long stem rose or carnations, arrangements centered around one type of bloom always inspire.

To get started lay the flowers flat on a counter or table and remove any leaves that would be submerged in water. Submerged leaves and buds create bacteria that will shorten the life of your blossoms. Gather stems in your hand and cut them so that the blossoms come up a few inches above the top lip of the vase. This “nose-gay” style always looks sweet and more modern than a big, open, loose arrangement. Place flowers in fresh water and add a little more water every day. Note: tulips like the ones I used here will grow up to two inches when cut and drink a lot!

2. Be creative with your container and use whatever you have on hand!

Mason jars, bowls, cups, metal cans and ceramic pitchers all look great and bring your personality to the arrangement!

In the studio we use empty water bottles, serving pitchers, even latte bowls mixed with simple glass vases in different shapes and sizes! Remember that a narrow opening will make a small bunch look better and you won’t feel as if you need to buy a ton to have a nice, put together arrangement.

3. Shop local and in season!

This rule is a lot like your diet – when you buy flowers that are fresh and in season they cost less and last longer.

One of my favorite places to find beautiful seasonal flowers is at a local farmer’s market. If you don’t have access to a great market you can also try your local grocery store, bodega or florist.

Helpful hint:

To determine how fresh flowers really are take a good look at the petals, particularly the ends. If you’re buying roses you can test the firmness of the blossom (and therefore judge it’s freshness) with your fingers by gently squeezing the base of the rose. If its soft, the rose won’t last long, but on the other hand you’ll have some lovely petals to sprinkle around!

How do you use flowers to brighten up your space at home or work?

XO Eliza