Foam Roll Your Stress Away

We love a self-massage moment!  Foam rolling is a team favorite for releasing stress and creating a DIY spa moment, from home! Follow along with Ballet Beautiful NYC Master Trainers Lucy, Yuki, and Stephen as they guide us through rolling away stress, Ballet Beautiful Style!

Remember- if you've been injured or are recovering from an injury, be sure to check in with your Doctor and medical team before trying foam rolling. Foam rolling can be a great release for day-to-day muscle tightness. As always, we recommend that you tune in and adjust as you go. Listen to your body and to how the movements make you feel.

Upper Body Stretch

Waking up with a tight back and neck can be so uncomfortable. Using the foam roller, while focusing on gently releasing the back prior to working out can help you maximize your workout results.

1. Seated on the floor with knees slightly bent, place the roller horizontally across the middle of your back, under your shoulder blades.

2. With interlocked fingers, relax your head in your hands so there is no tension in your neck.

3. Exhale your breath out and slowly release back over the roller.

4. Try to keep your elbows open to the side so you can feel a wide upper back.

5. Feel free to stay here and breathe deep breaths to release tension; or, you can gently roll an inch up and down to massage tighter spots.

6. Move slowly and enjoy!

Quick Tip! Try this exercise again post-workout, and feel the difference in your flexibility!

Lower Body Stretch

If hamstrings or calf muscles start getting a bit tight during your workout. Try using the foam roller to regain flexibility and range of movement.

1. Sitting on the floor, extend one leg long in front with the other foot bent to the knee, keeping your hips square to the front.

2. Flexing the front foot, place your heel on the foam roller to raise your leg off the floor.

3. Lifting the arms up and over, fold over the front leg and pull the toes back.

4. Taking deep breaths, focus on the length of the back of the leg.

Quick Tip! Post-Ballet Beautiful workout, after your body has been warmed up, focus on using the foam roller to alleviate soreness by maintaining muscle length!

Leg Lengthening Stretch

This foam rolling favorite lengthens both the quadriceps and IT (iliotibial) band.

1. Starting in a plank position, place the foam roller horizontally under both quadriceps, equidistant between your hip and knee.

2. Using your arms to support your weight, slowly roll out the length of your quads, taking care not to roll onto the knee.

3. If you feel a muscle knot, feel free to pause there and take deep breaths.

4. To massage your IT band, rotate your body to a side plank position, and bend the top leg to assist with balance.

5. Slowly foam roll along the outside of your leg, from below your hip to right above your knee.

Incorporating a foam roller into your weekly routine can help maximize your Ballet Beautiful workout! It is an effective tool to add to my warm-up or cool-down and will leave you feeling more relaxed and lengthened. For best results, we recommend spending 2-3 minutes on each exercise a few days per week!

Happy foam-rolling, and we can't wait to see you in our next class!

-Your Ballet Beautiful NYC Master Trainers, Lucy, Yuki, and Stephen

For more Foam Rolling Stress Relief, follow along with Mary Helen as she guides you through a great, deep leg massage!


Happy Foam Rolling!