Full Body Barre Workout

Hi Ballet Beauties!

I'm Ballet Beautiful NYC Master Trainer, Kara. February at Ballet Beautiful has centered around one of my favorite workouts: barre! I love doing our barre workouts. They're challenging, fun, and great for cardio, strength, flexibility and posture. Below is my hour-long barre workout playlist:

Plie Relevé
This video focuses on the fundamentals of ballet, plie, tendu relevé. It's the perfect way to start off this hour-long workout.

Ballet Basics Barre, Ronde de Jambe
Rond de jambe is a great exercise for working on inner thighs!

Fondu at the Barre
I love doing fondus, it is a beautiful step that targets every muscle in the legs.

Arabesque at the Barre
Arabesque at the barre is one of my favorite videos. Arabesque is a challenging position that is great for strengthening the back and glutes.

Barre Cardio: Grande Battement
In this video you will start to get your heart rate up and work on flexibility.

Allegra at the Barre
I love doing jumps at the barre and the Allegra at the Barre video is a fun way to get your heart pumping.

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Let us know which barre workouts are your favorites in the comments below!

Love, Kara