Happy, Healthy New Year!

Dear Beauties,

My favorite holiday of the year is New Year’s –  celebrating the year behind and looking forward to the New Year to come with dreams, anticipation and the loftiest of goals!  2014 was one of the busiest, most fulfilling years of my life. A new baby, launching tons of new workouts, activewear and shoes at Ballet Beautiful, prenatal workouts and the Ballet Baby brand — it’s been a whirlwind and we couldn’t have done it without all of YOU!  For 2015 I’m looking forward to setting and reaching new goals and spending more time with family and friends. Lots of new workouts for Ballet Beautiful and so many surprises and launches to come!

When sitting down to think about setting health goals and workout resolutions for the New Year I like approaching it as a question of lifestyle. Is your goal it sustainable? Will working out more and eating better may you more fit and healthy, and hopefully happier in your every day life? If the answer is yes you are already on your way to achieving your goal!

Resolutions stick when they are achievable,  healthy and realistic.

Setting resolutions like “NO MORE CHOCOLATE” or “I’m giving up coffee and sugar and carbs” aren’t sustainable, or necessary for that matter! I personally don’t want to envision a year much less a day without certain indulgences. The key is finding healthy ways to make them a part of your regular life.  The same is true for working out! Maybe saying you are going to workout 6 days a week for an hour and a half just isn’t realistic right now. And that’s ok! Think big but don’t be afraid to start in smaller steps. 6 days/wk for 30 minutes at a time is an awesome start and a great way to get your body moving and really get things done.

Is your goal to lose weight? Eat better? Feel better? Keep the following in mind when setting your resolutions and keep us posted along the way!

1.  Be realistic about a time frame. You cannot lose 20 lbs overnight. Give yourself a couple of weeks and put a program in place that will help you lose weight the healthy way and keep weight off.

2. Think big but remember your pacing – small steps! Every little bit counts. Our 15minute online blasts are an awesome way to transform your body, one step at a time. https://www.balletbeautiful.com/store/streaming-videos

3. Envision the results! This can be incredibly motivating and will empower you!

4. Find ways to reward yourself that are in line with your goals and support them. Maybe this is a new face cream, a long bath or curling up on the couch with a cup of tea and favorite book. Whatever it is make sure it rewards both you and your body for all of the hard work!

5. Finally, think positive! A positive mindset is everything when it comes to instituting change. 

Ballet Beautiful is a community. We hope to share more tips and inspiration with you in 2015 to help you make this year your best yet and can’t wait to hear more about your journey along the way!

Stay focused. Think positive. You CAN do it.

Here’s to a glorious New Year filled with Beauty, Love & Health!

xoxo, Mary Helen