Hello Ballet Beauties!

I stumbled on this beautiful video of Christopher Wheeldon’s After the Rain that was posted by the New York City Ballet last week after September 11th. This short piece, titled New Beginnings, filmed on the 57th floor of the 4WTC in Manhattan is “a testament to the resilience of the human spirit, and a tribute to the future of the city that New York City Ballet calls home” NYCB explains. Sometimes dance and movement really do speak louder than words. On a day like 9/11, where no words can truly articulate our complicated sorrow, this piece seems to express up the sadness and the hope all together. I have always felt that some of my deepest expression has been shown on stage through dance and aerial ballet. I am so happy I found this and wanted to share with you. Enjoy and peace be with you! Love, Sarah Sophie

Balance is not simply about developing the strength and muscularity to perform the perfect triple pirouette. It’s about learning to stay grounded in yourself so that you know what you need, you keep your priorities in line and at the same time remain flexible and forgiving enough to not push yourself in counterproductive ways.

Balance also means staying in touch with how you feel, listening to your body. It begins with the physical but it’s equal parts emotional and mental. Without balance your risk a burnout and all of its side effects. Balancing your eating habits, your workout schedule and your attitude towards both gives you the clarity to make changes, motivate yourself and be truly living in the Ballet Beautiful mindset.



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