Hello Beauties!

Our new March workouts are here and we could not be more excited!

This month includes some of my all time favorite exercises for the booty in Floor Barre Derrière. This mat based video uses a reverse bridge to target the back of the legs and lift and tone the derriere. This is also a great exercise to strenthen the muscles in your lower back, which helps support your ballet core.

Floor Barre Derriere, Pro Tip – Don’t focus on how high the leg lifts off the floor, pull the stomach in tight to engage the abs as you squeeze through the butt and back of the legs to lift the feet up into a reverse bridge. Even if the thighs remain on the mat you can get a great workout by targeting and engaging these key ballet muscles.

Floor Barre Mini

Curtsy Cardio is a fun dance-y workout that incorporates some of the most elemental steps in ballet including plies, passés and curtseys to lift the heart rate and tone your ballet muscles. I love this workout because it provides a great full body blast that makes you sweat and burn all over! Don’t be fooled by how graceful this video looks – the burn in the legs and thighs is intense.

Curtsy Cardio, Pro Tip – Remember to differentiate between a true bend and stretch of the knees as both are equally important for shaping lean ballet muscles! Follow my cues in the workout and be sure that when the knees are bent the standing knee is in a true demi pile with the knees over the toes. When the working leg lifts into cardio check to make sure that the standing knee is fully stretched with the knee lifted.

Curtsy Cardio Mini

Take a peek and get started today.

Have a beautiful workout!

xoxoMary Helen