Inside the Custom Workout, May!

Hi Beauties!

We are excited to share a sneak peak into our new workouts for May!

I love the way that the floor barre inspired exercises in Ballerina Legs: Lengthen & Tone offer a complete workout for every muscle in your legs to create the long, lean line of a dancer. This mat based workout uses dance steps like develope, fondu and beats to tighten and tone your legs with the added benefit of strengthening your ballet core. Remember to pay close attention to my cues about when to work in parallel or turn out in order to get the most out of your total leg workout.

Pro Tip, Ballerina Legs: Lengthen & Tone - These exercises can also offer a serious ballet core burn. You want to make sure that your chest and shoulders are relaxed on the mat and that your hips stay grounded on the floor when you lift your leg. In order to do this think of pulling your belly button to your spine to engage your abs, and keep your hip flexors relaxed. This is especially important when working with both legs in the air. Once you build the strength to hold your abdominals and move your legs at the same time you will be amazed at how much stronger you'll feel doing standing work. 

Ballerina Legs: Lengthen & Tone, Mini 

Cardio Core is a fun blend of ballet cardio, light weights and small bends through the waist for a deeper core burn. You'll be having so much fun moving and keeping your heart rate up you won't even realize what an amazing workout your waist and core will be getting at the same time. The addition of light weights in your cardio work helps to increase the effectiveness of your cardio workout while providing a bonus arm workout.

Pro Tip, Cardio Core - Doing this workout without weights is still super effective, so listen to how your body is feeling that day. If you decide not to use weights still move your arms through the same positions to help increase the caloric burn of the cardio work. You can add your own resistance to arm work by imagining that you are pressing through water. Be careful not to allow your arms to flap wildly, think of being deliberate and resist the movement using the muscles in your back.

Cardio Core, Mini 

Take a peek and get started today!

xoxox Mary Helen