Inside Subscriber Playlists

Hello Ballet Beauties! We are so excited to introduce our all NEW Subscriber Playlists as part of our Custom Workout subscription!

Our Custom Workout Subscription is made up of three different features:

  • Your Custom Workout, which is your personalized workout program based on your fitness goals and availability;
  • The Streaming Library, which grants you unlimited access to our constantly growing library of streaming videos (Over 200! Plus two new videos added each month!);
  • And our newest addition, the ability to build and save your own personal playlists with Subscriber Playlists.

There are now more ways than ever to maximize our exclusive streaming videos and enjoy the ultimate Ballet Beautiful workout!

Below are a set of FAQs breaking down how the Subscriber Playlist Feature works along with a fun Q&A from Mary Helen.

Q&A with Mary Helen:

What inspired you to create the Subscriber Playlist capability?

Subscriber Playlists take our one-of-a-kind Custom Workout to the next level. One of my main goals with Ballet Beautiful is to make exercise more accessible and fun. Our Ballet Beauties know what they want! We developed the Subscriber Playlists to give members the ability to revisit and save favorite workouts and have more control over their training.

How would you recommend we utilize the Subscriber Playlists to maximize our workouts?

The Subscriber Playlists are intended to enhance the Ballet Beautiful Custom Workout program. As our Streaming Library continues to grow and expand, navigating the library has become more complex. Subscriber Playlists provide members the ability to organize, build and save their own workouts, making the streaming library easier to use than ever.

The way that you use the playlists is a question of personal preference, which is our goal! Perhaps you want to save and organize your favorite stretch videos, core workouts, dance cardio, or custom build a full body barre workout to complement this week’s Custom Workout program. The ability to build, name and save your own Ballet Beautiful Playlist is here.

How do you envision using these playlists to get the most out of the Ballet Beautiful subscription?

One of the aspects of the Create Your Own Playlist Feature that I love most is the flexibility that it provides. You can create a workout of any length that is as broad or as specific as you like. You can make a 30-minute leg workout, a 1-hour full body or cardio workout, a pre- or post-natal workout; there are endless possibilities to explore! We have such a massive and (ever expanding!) selection of streaming videos available now, we want members to be able to make the most out of all the options available. Each individual can personalize their playlist to fit their needs, goals, and availability.

Subscriber Playlist FAQs:

How many playlists can you make? Is there a limit?

You can create and save multiple playlists from our exclusive streaming library. There is no limit to the number of playlists that can be made.

Could you walk me through how to access the Ballet Beautiful Subscriber Playlist Feature?

Once you have signed up for the Custom Workout subscription, you can access this brand new feature by logging into your account and going to the “My Account” page. On this page you will see three windows, one for each component of your subscription: the Streaming Library, your Custom Workout, and Subscriber Playlists. The streaming library is where you can browse through and watch all of our streaming videos - you can search videos by title, narrow your results down by filtering certain categories, or just scroll through the pages to see what is there. The Custom Workout page will take you to the personalized workout program that Ballet Beautiful creates based on your personal preferences: select your target area and your weekly availability, and we will create a customized daily workout for you made up of the streaming videos in our library. When you click on the Playlists window, you will be taken to a new page where you can create, edit, and save personal playlists that you build yourself from our exclusive Streaming Library.

Could you walk me through how to create a Subscriber Playlist?

You can choose to either create your own playlist yourself, or have our system create a “random” playlist for you.

To create your own playlist: Click on the button that says “Create” in the “Create Personal Playlist” window. This will open a window where you can personalize the options for your playlist. You will need to select One choice from each of the following attributes:

*PRO TIP! Clear your cache (or browser history) before beginning.*

  1. Target Area: this is the area of your body that you want your playlist to focus on! You can create a playlist that is super targeted on just one specific body part (arms, core, legs, or butt) or you can choose “full body” for a more generalized workout that includes exercises for all parts of your body. The “cardio” option will include videos that are designed to get your heart rate up and burn fat.
  2. Level/Intensity: This is the opportunity to choose how difficult you want the videos in your playlist to be. You can select “intro” if you are looking to focus mostly on workouts that are designed for beginners or exercisers that are new to the Ballet Beautiful program, or “challenging” if you prefer videos that are more advanced. You also have the option to choose “all levels” for a mix of all levels - from intro to challenging and everything in between!
  3. Workout Type: Ballet Beautiful offers a large variety of workouts: mat-based, cardio/standing exercises, barre work, stretching, and pregnancy-based (pre and post-natal workouts). You can narrow down the videos in your playlist by selecting one of these five options, or, if you’d prefer to include all types of workouts, you can choose “mixed”.
  4. Time: You can also decide the length of the videos you want to include in your playlist - some videos in our library are shorter “blast” videos and are only a few minutes long, while other videos range from 10-20 minutes and include longer and more complete workouts. You can choose to narrow down your videos by length with the following options: “5-10 Min” for shorter workouts, “10+ Min” for longer workouts, or you can choose “All” if you’d like to see allvideos of any length!
  5. Focus: Do you want your playlist to be centered more on ballet/dance videos, or more on fitness focused videos? Here you can choose from the following options: “Ballet Focused”, “Fitness Focused”, or “Mixed”. If you’d like a combination of both options select “Mixed”, which will include all focuses!

Please note: You will need to select one option for each category!

Once you select your attributes, you can continue to the next page. On this page, all of the videos matching your selections will appear. Out of these videos, you can select which ones you’d like to include in your playlist by clicking on them. Each video that’s selected will show a check mark icon on it - you can also choose to “select all” if you want all of the videos that match your attribute selections to be included in your playlist. Once you have finished choosing your videos you can click “next” to continue!

The next page is where you can edit your playlist information. You can name your playlist (ex: Mary Helen’s Thigh Workout), write a short description to help you remember what is in your playlist, and even choose a cover image! You can also change the order of your videos easily by dragging and dropping the videos into your preferred order. If you decide you’d like to add more videos to your playlist you can click on “Add Videos”, which will take you to the previous page. Once you are happy with your playlist you can click “save” to finalize and save your playlist. This will take you back to the main Playlists page, where you will see your new playlist ready to watch or edit!

To create a random playlist: Don’t feel like designing your own workout? Our system can create an automated playlist made up of twelve videos based on the attributes you select. To get started, click on the “create” button in the “Create Random Playlist” window. This will open the same window where you can select from the same list of attributes: target area, level/intensity, workout type, time, and focus. Once you have selected your attributes you continue to the next page, where twelve videos that match your selections will appear. If you like all of the videos you can click “select all”, or you can choose to select only some of the videos individually by clicking on them. If you don’t like the combination of videos you received, there is a button that says “shuffle” - this will give you ten different videos that fit the same attribute combinations!

Once you have finished choosing your videos you can click “next” to continue. You will be taken to the page where you can edit and name your playlist, add a cover image, and change the order of the videos. Once you are all done, click save and you will be taken back to the main Playlist page! Here you will see all of your playlists, both random and personally designed.

How do I watch my playlists?

Just click on the playlist you’d like to watch and it will start playing the videos in this playlist! It will play each video in the order you selected.

As always, should you encounter any issues please email us at:

Have a beautiful workout!