Jersey Wrap Top – 4 Ways!

Cue the compliments! Our Black Jersey Wrap Top = instant ballerina style, in and out of the studio. This classic layering piece combines ultra-flattering stretch and comfort that makes it easy to wear, on repeat.

We love this top’s elegant ballet silhouette that can be dressed up and down, transitioned from a workout, to the office, to lunch, power meetings and more!


Pair the wrap top with the pinch-front cami leotard, BB shorts and tights – for a sportier workout look that accentuates your Ballet Beautiful Bod!

Add the wrap top to the sweetheart mesh halter leotard, BB skirt and tights – for a more romantic workout look.


Pair the wrap top with high-waisted jeans and a tank top or cami leotard for a more casual ballet inspired streetwear look.

And finally, add the wrap top to a floaty spring dress for a more elegant, dainty daytime look!