Mary Helen's Summer Challenge!


I am so excited to kickoff our 2018 B.B. Summer CHALLENGE! Join me on a 2 week Custom Workout training intensive. 

When it comes to working out I am a huge fan of short but intense training periods to rev the metabolism and get fit fast! Baby Rosabella is now four and a half months old and my body feels ready for a greater challenge. I loved building this playlist and mixing some of my favorite streaming workouts to create a 2 week program that builds strength, muscle tone and burns fat! Week 1 is mat focused to build lean muscle and strength while week 2 is predominately cardio and standing work geared towards building stamina and burning fat.

To join me for this challenge simply subscribe to our Custom Workout subscription here; if you are already a subscriber make sure you login to your Ballet Beautiful account. I used the "Build Your Playlist" feature to design this program. To recreate my playlist, simply select the same attributes as I did in step 1 (listed below). When you get to step 2, you should be able to easily find all the videos you need for the week! If you prefer not to use the playlist feature, you can still follow along by finding all of these videos in your streaming library! 

For WEEK 1, I selected a full body, challenging, mat based program of 10 minutes or more with a mixture of ballet and fitness focused workouts!Personalize Your Playlist!


For WEEK 2, I wanted to kick it up and focus more on cardio. I chose a full body workout for all levels with cardio/standing exercises, 10 minutes or more with a mix of ballet and fitness focused workouts.
Personalize Your Playlist!

The challenge kicks off on Monday, July 23. Remember to keep me posted on your results by tagging me @balletbeautiful and using the hashtags #BalletBeautiful and #BBSummerChallenge. 

Here's to a beautiful workout! 

MH Summer Intesive Week 1
MH Summer Intesive Week 2