Naarah Han: Graceful Inspiration

We’d love to introduce Naarah Han, our new BB blog contributor! She loves to draw and will be illustrating all things Ballet Beautiful — favorite ballets, fashion, healthy eats and more!

Hi! I’m Naarah Han, and I’ve always been mesmerized by the ballet dancer’s grace and poise, two qualities which I have never, ever, like ever, had. I have always been the tragically clumsy girl that can barely make it to the front door without first banging into the bedpost — just walk it offwalk it off.

Miraculously, I am now beginning to show signs of some sort of elegance, thanks to Ballet Beautiful and its million swan-arms, releves, tendus, inner and outer leg lifts, and a myriad of other fun-intense-creative — I didn’t know that muscle existed!!! — ballet-inspired movements.

I actually feel like I’m kind of defying gravity and my genetic predisposition — I can reach way past my toes and look mom I can balance! On one foot!!!

It isn’t easy, but I freaking love it.

? Naarah

‘Swan Lake’ by the beautiful Naarah Han

Swan Lake by the beautiful Naarah Han