No Barre, No Problem!

Exercises to warm up and strengthen the body at the barre Exercises to warm up and strengthen the body at the barre Exercises to warm up and strengthen the body at the barre

Every ballet class begins with exercises to warm up and strengthen the body at the barre. In some respects barre exercises could be considered a foundation of classical ballet training.  The barre is the training ground for a dancer to focus on developing the correct muscles needed to execute more complicated dance steps and positions in the center and ultimately, onstage.  Barre work is also a wonderful place to gain more flexibility and muscle control.

Ballet class inspires our Ballet Beautiful barre workouts. We love using the barre to aid in balance so that we can hone in and focus on targeting ballet muscles in the butt, thighs, back, abs and arms.  A Ballet Beautiful Barre workout is a great way to increase strength in areas where you might feel a little weak, or to experience an even deeper position for extra burn.

If you don’t have an actual ballet barre at home don’t worry, any stable surface will work.

Possible ballet Barre substitutions:

Counter top



Chair (If using for a stretch put your foot or leg on the seat of the chair not the back)



Trainer Tip: Pay attention to your body position while using the barre. Your hand should be lightly resting on the barre, not gripping. Keep your shoulders relaxed and your neck long. Most importantly make sure the barre is the right height for you. You don’t want to sink down or strain to reach the barre. Ideally whatever surface you use should be slightly lower than shoulder height.

Pro Tip: For extra cardio and balance work, challenge yourself to perform the barre workouts without the help of the barre. Build your strength and comfort with the Ballet Beautiful exercises at the barre first and then repeat without holding on. This is a great balance test that adds instant challenge and Burn to any BB Barre workout.

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