Putting it all together!

Hello Beauties!

Many of you have asked me about an ideal rotation for the Ballet Beautiful videos.

If you have already tried Ballet Beautiful you know that the workouts are highly targeted (i.e. they really burn – in all the right places!!). The secret to a ballerina’s strength, grace and fluid movement is in her rigourous daily training.  My Ballet Beautiful workout mimics this process through fitness using a series of ballet-inspired exercises and stretches with a focus on the muscles that define a dancer’s body.  Inner thighs, butt, back of the legs, deep through the center, arms and upper body work for elegant posture…!

So what does this mean in terms of time?In an ideal world I recommend 1 hr/day of Ballet Beautiful, 5 – 6 days/wk. That rest day is important for your recovery – don’t skip it, no matter how driven or excited you are.   If you are working with my videos (and I hope that you are!), aim for 3 days/wk of the Classic 60-Min Workout and another 2-3 days of the Blast Series – via DVD or online with my streaming videos.  This allows for a great mix of toning and resistance work with some cardio and standing exercises.

The changes in your body will come quickly – most people see a difference in as little as 2 weeks!  Of course we don’t always have a full hour a day for exercise and that’s ok too.  If you can’t accomodate an hour a day, do everything you can to set aside three hrs/wk for yourself to workout.  Life can be hectic – I designed the program to be flexible and easily broken into shorter workouts on days when you don’t have the time.  Aim for one or two BB Blasts when possible or a few chapters of the 60-Min DVD when time is tight.   Do what you can to work in 3 hrs of exercise each week and your body will thank and reward you for the time!

When it comes to cardio I’m a fan of low impact workouts that don’t tax the quads, tighten the back or bulk the legs.  If you aren’t already using my BB Cardio streaming vids check out this link to our store to see what I mean.  My personal preference is for about 30-mins of cardio, 3 days/wk as a complement to my toning exercises and part of my BB Blasts.  Once a week I enjoy something with more impact like my BB Cardio Series Allegro Workout (coming soon to our streaming video library!), sprints on a treadmill or outdoors or a hard swim.

Try out this rotation and let me know what you think. I can’t wait to get even  more Ballet Beautiful with you all!

Have a great workout!! xoxoMary Helen