Your Summer Workout Strategy

Dear Beauties,

If your workout routine is OOO for Summer, don’t despair! Below are 3 of my musts to keep up with your fitness goals no matter where Summer takes you.

xoxo - Mary Helen

Prioritize your health! 

While Summer time can be chaotic, it is also a great time to check in on your goals and make lifestyle shifts and changes. Rather than thinking about the minutia of everyday life (your next meal, cocktail, deadline at work, etc) try to focus on the bigger picture of how you can make small changes that make your own health a priority. You are worth it! Working out makes you feel more relaxed, confident and strong. All of this leads to a happier and hopefully higher quality of everyday life.

Pump it Up! 

Summer is a great time to intensify your workouts. Vacations can actually be a great opportunity to create your own mini boot camp! Indulge in extra fresh salads, fruits and veggies, and treat yourself to extra workouts! I love combining swimming with my online Ballet Beautiful workouts in the warm summer months. When we travel we look for hotels with serious lap pools or a town with a great municipal pool (you can find them all over the world!). If you have kids and are lucky enough to travel with family, ask them to watch the kids while you take time out to train or find a way as a family to do it together and build healthy habits to last a lifetime!

Show it off! 

Warm weather provides endless fashion opportunities to show off your Ballet Beautiful results. Now that I have kids I have to bring an absurd amount of clothes, toys, diapers etc for them so I love to keep my own packing light by including extra leotards that pair with a simple wrap skirt and sandals for a quick and easy Ballet Beautiful look.