The Dancer in all of us

Ballet dancers are some of the strongest athletes on the planet, spending hours every day working to perfect their technique and craft, but you don’t have to be a dancer to train like one. Ballet Beautiful speaks to the Dancer in all of us; a powerful combination of grace, passion and strength.

Ballet Beautiful exists at the intersection of fitness and dance, combining core aspects of both into a ballet inspired workout that anyone can do. Ballet muscles used in a dancer’s daily training are targeted and strengthened, sculpting a physique infused with both power and grace.

While Ballet Beautiful is inspired heavily by ballet, I created the program to share my love of dance, along with health and fitness, with others.  Dance experience is not required – this program is a workout, not a dance class and everyone is invited! Ballet Beautiful exercises work deep in the muscles, changing the shape of the physique from the inside out. Abdominal work, thousands of butt and lengthening leg exercises along with Swan Arms®, Barre exercises and both high and low impact dance cardio are key features of the program. Below are a few of my favorite workouts and an introduction of how to use the Ballet Beautiful program if you are just getting started. What are your favorite BB workouts?

Wishing you a beautiful workout!

Xoxo Mary Helen

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