Inside Daily Dance

We are thrilled to introduce our NEW Daily Dance Video Series! Each of the sections in the Daily Dance workouts are closely connected to classical ballet and a dancer's everyday training. The videos are the closest workouts to an actual ballet class that we have ever done. Much like a ballet class they include preparatory toning and conditioning exercises in the floor barre section, fundamental barre work and great mix of dance steps and exercises in the center from tendus to petite allegro (small jumps).

Below Ballet Beautiful Master Trainer Natia Mangan weighs in on what makes Daily Dance so unique, effective and fun! We hope you love these new workouts and enjoy your Daily Dance Fix!

What makes this workout series different from the other Ballet Beautiful workouts?

Even though all Ballet Beautiful workouts are based on classical ballet movements, this particular series - Daily Dance - has an even closer resemblance to ballet class that dancers take daily to improve their technique and stay in top shape. It includes exercises at the barre, center, as well as floor exercises, very similar to how traditional ballet classes are structured.

We love that this new series connects to a dancer’s daily training! Do you need dance experience to try this workout?  What if you don't have a barre at home?

Dance experience can definitely help, but is by no means necessary. The class has a very easy-to-follow structure that moves at a good pace for beginners, but at the same time it is still very challenging and guarantees a great dance workout no matter your level. For those of us without a barre at home (most people!) there are creative uses for everyday furniture that will work just as well, like the back of a chair (my preferred choice), a table top, dresser, or really anything that is relatively on the same level as the height of the barre.

Do you need to wear ballet slippers or anything special to do the workout?

Generally for me, ballet slippers and a leotard help to get me physically and mentally in the zone for training. It is definitely comfortable to perform the movements of the workout in ballet slippers, so your feet don't slip like they might if you were wearing socks, or stick as they might if you did it barefoot - but both of those options are still absolutely fine if you don't have a pair of ballet slippers handy, and certainly no reason to stop you from doing this workout!

What do you love most about this workout series? What is your favorite exercise from each section?

I love how similar it is to ballet class, which means that it works on lengthening, toning, flexibility, posture, and moving gracefully, all while strengthening your core at the same time. It has all the components of a classical ballet class that dancers take, but at the same time, it is made accessible and approachable for non-dancers who love to look and feel like a ballerina. At the barre, my favorite exercise is actually the start of the class - the demi and grand plié because it wakes up my body and gets me ready for harder workouts to come as the barre section progresses. At the center section, I love all the port de bras, since it helps with flexibility and it's something you don't typically see in any other sort of workout apart from ballet. From floor barre, I love the abs section since core strength is fundamental to everything in ballet.

What are the main benefits of these workouts?

These workouts really give everyone that "ballet fix" they may be craving, since they are very dance-oriented.

How do you pair these workouts with your other BB workouts to get maximum results?

For Daily Dance Barre and Daily Dance Center I would pair with more fitness-based BB workouts like bridge, abs, and inner and outer thighs, since those are more targeted to specific areas, so you get the best of both - as the Daily Dance workouts are more full-body, and give you more of a dance experience. And with floor-barre, I would pair with something more cardio/dance-focused to get maximum results.